I set up this company as I felt there was a need to provide Independent Social Work services to people, as well as provide tailor-made training or support to organisations. I qualified as a Social Worker in 2006 and have worked across various local authorities in both adults and children’s social care. I have done further training to become a qualified Mental Capacity and Best Interest Assessor. I have 5 years experience in various managerial roles including being the local authority lead for the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards. I hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Teaching and am well equipped to deliver training to people about social care issues. Whether you are interested in having support for yourself or a loved one or you require support for an organisation, please get in touch to discuss your needs.  I run a small company and a benefit of this is I can give you a personalised service. You will not have to go through a call centre, be triaged or put on a long waiting list. You will have me, consistently throughout your journey.


As a qualified Social Worker and a Teacher I can deliver expert training to your organisation or independent social work for individuals. You might want to equip your staff with knowledge of how to apply the Mental Capacity Act, the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, Safeguarding, Equality and Diversity, etc. I can discuss your requirements and create a training session for your staff. As a generic Social Worker with experience ranging from working with young children, teenagers, families, people with learning disabilities and the elderly there is a good chance I can help you.

For Organisations

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The Mental Capacity Act - Training & Consultancy

From training sessions offering a basic awareness, to in-depth sessions about how to actually carry out a mental capacity assessment – Social Care Resources can deliver. I have a lot of experience supporting care homes and home care agencies and can do this in a flexible way to suit your organisation. I am also equipped to deliver training about the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) and the Liberty Protection Safeguards which are due to replace DoLS in April 2022. I can also offer consultancy which may be a ‘critical friend’ approach to view your company documentation and speak with staff to gauge an understanding of where and how your company can improve. This will be done sensitively and of course completely confidentially. I am happy to discuss your requirements.

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Safeguarding for Children & Adults - Training & Consultancy

Your organisation may have to deal with a complaint or a safeguarding issue. I can help with this and offer advice and guidance. Perhaps you want to be proactive and ensure you have a robust safeguarding procedure in place within your organisation and that staff know how to adhere to it. I can work with you to do this. I have experience of delivering training and discussion forums to a range of people including people with learning disabilities, young people, students, front line staff, solicitors, doctors and local authority senior managers. Currently due to the pandemic I am trying to deliver training online where possible but please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Cultural and Religious Diversity - Training & Consultancy

It is essential that organisations have a good understanding of certain cultural issues. These issues will vary depending upon the organisation. We can discuss your needs together and come up with a bespoke training or consultancy package. Whether your organisation has very limited awareness or whether your staff are already quite aware I can offer support at the appropriate level. I have particular knowledge of the Muslim faith having volunteered for some years within an Islamic School. I also have experience in issues such as forced marriage, arranged marriage, female genital mutilation, anti racist practice, spirituality, witchcraft and more.

For Individuals

Independent Social Work - Help For Parents/Carers & Teenagers

I am a mum myself and know that parenting can be tough. There are times that no matter how great a parent we are, we need professional help. You can discuss your needs with me confidentially in order to discuss how I can help. It might be I meet with your teen regularly to give them an opportunity to talk through any problems they may have. I can also deliver some one to one work about addressing certain issues. I am available to do this work outside of school/ college hours as I know how important this is.

Independent Social Work - Help for Adults

Are you planning on making a Will or setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney? Perhaps you have been diagnosed with a cognitive impairment such as dementia and you are worried that people may question your ability to make these important decisions. I can carry out a full mental capacity assessment for you. Would you like to have a confidential discussion about having some help at home? You may not want to go through social services or perhaps you know that you will need to pay for your support yourself and you would rather remain in full control and get things arranged quickly. I can discuss this with you and will treat you with dignity and respect.

Get In Touch

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